With Emotions being the language between the inner and the outer world and commonly related to as energy in motion, really what emotions are are much more than just that. They carry story, information a message from the internal landscape about the external reality. Emotions colour our perception and can often blur our sense of clarity because when they are of judgment (also known as self-preservation of existing belief systems and protection of unresolved emotional imprinting), and we believe them to be true we are not making use of their intrinsic function: a message from within to the Self about self.

We all know or have heard how the external world or others are but a "reflection" of what is still wanting to become known about ourselves and our past from within.

Yvonne and Souvereign talk about how our bodies and bodily cells are our very own most powerful and loving, unconditional ally, our very own servant to the consciousness we call Self. Since our bodies are carrying and storing the stories of all the times when Love did not show up and an imprint occurred, we benefit questioning the function when we emotionally re-act.

Today we talk about how collapsing into our emotions makes us disempowered and keeps us from "learning from the experience".

Emotional re-actions are gifts, story-keeping narratives of other parts of Self that we as the sovereign host of our cells and body can (when we are willing and open) explore.

When we know and can acknowledge that Everything In Life is Performing A Function With Purpose then we can start seeing our feelings and emotions as carriers of messages from the "within" that come to present OPPORTUNITY and not whatever the self-defensive narratives through our judgment and justification is bringing about.

This is another subject in the Unpacking Human Sovereignty Series that Vonne and Souvereign are navigating together.

With our conversations we hope to instill insight and help people remember how to enact our individual resonse-ability and get ourselves out of the disempowered realm of blaming, shaming, judging "other".


Every week Yvonne and Souvereign Talking about Self, Soul, navigating this old world, and where the bridge into the New Earth is found.

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