How to:

  • Choose the commission type from the available ones.

  • Fill out the attached form.

  • I will contact you via email, so make sure to enter a valid one you have access to!

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission I do not feel comfortable working on.

    • In that case you will be given a full refund as immediately as possible (third-party fees may apply, this is outside my control).

  • If you're not sure whether I'm the right artist for you, please contact me on Twitter, Mastodon, or here on BMC before purchasing a commission.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Yes :)

    • Moderate gore and nudity

    • Adult themes

  • Nope :(

    • Racist, sexist, queerphobic, and other discriminating content

    • Right-wing propaganda

    • Illegal content


  • Full commercial use and derivative art rights are automatically included for all commissioned artwork.

    • You don't need to ask before using commissioned art for those purposes.

    • Credit me as the artist of my art. Full name or username are sufficient. Don't claim to be the creator of my art!

  • Files will be kept for 6+ months, if possible.

    • I don't take responsibility for technical issues, human error, or other factors leading to the premature loss of those files, so please make sure to keep backups yourself!

    • If you need the originals, additional file formats or sizes, you may contact me within that timeframe and I will send them to you at no additional charge.