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Welcome to the SpaceX Companion buy-me-a-coffee-page. If you like the app, please consider buying me a coffee. As a token of appreciation you'll be listed in the credits section of the application. Thank you for concidering keeping us in the air! ?
Nokidan bought 3 coffees.

Thx for you app !

Thank you very much Nokidan for your support! I've added you to the coffee buyers section in the app! 😉 

Leif-Erik bought a coffee.
Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you for your support! . If you'd like to be mentioned in the app please provide the desired name. 

Miranda Vaessen bought 2 coffees.

Thanks for buying us some coffee Miranda! We'll be needing that for the upcoming releases! .

Code The Web
Code The Web bought 3 coffees.

Thanks again! I've added a "Coffee Buyers" section in the app credits which is visible in the upcoming update. Hope you'll like it. You're #1 .