Buy Ferdinand Guérier a coffee



¡Hola! 👋 It’s Ferdinand. 😀🎉

On January 22nd, 2021, I created Practice Your Spanish—a club on Clubhouse where people from all over the world can come and share their cultures, personal experiences, and learn from each other, ALL in Spanish! 🗣🇪🇸

I wanted to open a space for people who speak Spanish, whether we are native Spanish speakers or currently learning the language, to be able to find someone with whom they can practice. 🥳

We’re the biggest Spanish club now, and the journey has been amazing! However, due to different events happening in my life, I have taken another path and will no longer be joining rooms on Clubhouse. ☕️✨

Thank you, everyone who's been part of Practice Your Spanish, and my wonderful students from the Clase de Español rooms. You can always find friends at our club to discover new cultures. 📚

See you soon, and remember to Practice Your Spanish. 😀🇪🇸

— Ferdinand 🦕