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Clase de Español 🥳🇪🇸

Mar 28, 2021

¡Hola! 👋 It’s Ferdinand. 😀🎉

I wanted to say that I feel so joyful that my Clase de Español room has been a success! I’ve seen many people interested and taking advantage of the room. 🥳

I really appreciate every and each participant of the room, and I really hope you’re enjoying the Spanish lessons. 😉

Remember that Clase de Español is a room in which we learn Spanish from ZERO to HERO, with material designed by me. I post it on my extras for FREE, but if you want to add some tips or gifts, that can help me compensate the time I dedicate to this project. 📚

Thank you in advance, and nos vemos en clase. 😀🎉

— Ferdinand Guérier 🦕

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