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Hello Language Lovers 👋 I just created this page so you can show your support for The Speaking Tongues Podcast, the podcast in conversation with multilinguals! 

My show is a conversational podcast where every week, I talk with a multilingual person about the languages they speak. Our conversations are super casual and lots of fun! Episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts. 

Speaking Tongues is an independently produced podcast. Which means, I host, produce and edit each episode lovingly by myself every week! Your financial support will help me to upgrade the audio quality and my recording space and help me to produce extra content such as video, deleted extras for those magical episodes where you just want to know a little bit more! 

Did you just listen to an episode? Consider donating $5! Did you love the last month of episodes? Maybe you can donate $10!  Are you a long time listener and big fan of my show? Well, I'm working on something for you but for now, consider donating $20 or $25. Sky's the limit... and your donations will not go unappreciated!

Thanks so much for supporting the Speaking Tongues Podcast!