Hello all!

This place is for the support of the various things I do, be it very badly-sung filk or the comic books Akashik, Heavenly Bride, or whatever else I'm working on. (Currently I'm working on Akashik, found at www.akashikonline.com.)

Support helps my endeavors continue because, let's face it, nothing is free even when given for free. Someone has paid for it. In my case I pay for the internet connection, utilities like electricity, and computer parts. OMG the computer parts. I will wear a video card out. (Matter of fact I just had another one die on me last week and need to somehow get another.)

I love constructive and positive feedback (just calling me stupid is stupid) so please feel free to talk to me, even if you have never given your support. Some types of feedback could definitely be considered support.

Also. I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has supported my efforts in the past, and I look forward to entertaining you as time goes along.