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Hi there! I'm Jackie, the maker behind Spellstrand Jewelry. My creative making history is long and fruitful - including a 4 year degree in New Media and Digital Art and a long line of artists in my family (included mural and architectural).

I'm inspired by earth, color, modern spirituality, and everything nature! I like to create jewelry and charms that speak to me, and to my friends that then go on to wear the pieces and give them life. I enjoy all types of color, texture, feel, and style.

Custom jewelry sets: I would love the chance to work with you on a custom project! Whatever jewelry you've seen in a dream or in a popular video game... let's make it! Many of my pieces are made completely from scratch (from my own drawings or other inspiration) and also from all newly sourced materials.

Thank you so much for considering buying me a drink! I appreciate you.