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Through creating multiple videos, podcasts and teaching materials per week, I help people engage with and learn about Astrology & other beneficial divinatory techniques.

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About Spencer:

Spencer Michaud is a professional astrologer who focuses on self-actualization and empowerment. He uses an interdisciplinary approach incorporating both modern & traditional (Hellenistic) chart-reading techniques as well as other divinatory methods such as numerology, tarot, the I-Ching, and archetypal storytelling. His readings focus on actionable, grounded wisdom utilizing the power of choice and transcendence to help you find the hero within. 

Spencer has over fifteen years' experience studying the ancient wisdom traditions and symbolic languages and is a certified graduate of Acyuta-Bhava Dasa's Nightlight  Hellenistic Astrology Courses. In addition to his studies with Acyuta, Michaud is inspired by the traditional work pioneered by Robert Schmidt, Demetra George, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan as well as modern mythological based practitioners such as Bernadette Brady and Liz Greene.


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