Buy Spencer Pauly a coffee


Hey Skiers 👋!

I'm Spencer Pauly and I'm the creator of Skiwise. I started this project over a year ago when I was a college student as a way to create a better community for nordic skiers to share this great sport with each other.

Over the year, I've put in an estimated 800+ hours developing and growing Skiwise, and I'd say so far this has paid off. Skiwise has been able to slowly gain traction and now is being used by over 7,000 skiers across 800 trail systems. Wow!

There's nothing more exciting and motivating to me than seeing people use and get value out of software I've written!

But, I'm still looking to spread Skiwise to more skiers, and to do that I need your help!

That's why I'm asking for a small donation.

Your donations will go 100% towards building and growing Skiwise. This means Skiwise will use the money to pay for server costs, sponsor events, do giveaways and more! This is in an effort to get more skiers aware of Skiwise and interested in nordic skiing as a whole.

And this benefits you too! More Skiwise skiers means:

• More up-to-date trail conditions

• More likely for Skiwise to expand (workout tracking, race results, event registration, etc)

• Faster and more frequent app updates

So thanks for reading. If you're interested in donating you can do it on this page, and if not all good! Just keep skiing and posting trail reports and it'll help just as much.


- Spencer