Buy sphinx_darell a cake


Thank you for the support to keep my stream running and in helping me give back to charity organizations who take care of children with cancers.

Buy me a coffee/cake and you can claim ANY SHINY POKEMON (per cake) from Generation1 to Generation 8 including legendaries and mythicals (if possible). For example, you can claim either of the following : Shaymin, Manaphy, Phione, Darkrai, Hoopa, Arceus, Meloetta, Deoxys, Victini, Keldeo, etc.) OR 5 shiny eggs per coffee/cake in SWSH game or BDSP game.

As a donator, YOU WILL GET FREE GIFTS EVERY WEEK as long as you have the donator role (role is active for 30 days since last donation) and ACCESS TO VIP SYSBOT IN SWSH, BDSP AND ARCEUS GAMES.

Kindly message me directly at discord to get your gifts. Don't forget to claim your weekly gifts as well at Discord under the channel #🎂claim-donator-gift🎁 once I give you the donator role at discord. ❤️ TYSM! 🎉❤️