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Spinning Yarns with Nick & Paddy is a podcast about storytelling in all its forms.

Created by and starring Nick Petrou & Patrick McCarthy, this podcast follows two friends from Perth, Western Australia, as they immerse themselves in the world of the written word whilst attempting to be as entertaining and as smartass as possible.

The boys’ll dazzle listeners with the sheer wealth and breadth of their conversational content, carefully curated for them in lovely little half-hour chunks, in which they’ll pinwheel freely between such diverse subjects as video games, homoeroticism, cinema, bodily fluids, short prose fiction, existential ennui, pieces of poetry, a mutual crush on Anya Taylor-Joy, and the very human need to laugh maniacally at the ever-encroaching spectre of death.

You can listen to their bullshit on Spotify, YouTube, and Podbean, and find out more on the Spinning Yarns website.

WARNING: This podcast contains adult content. It is NOT, in fact, for kids.