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Easter is Near!

Mar 10, 2023

I have decided to use this opportunity to share several links to all my "Parents " and "Grandparents" out there!

If I haven't told you yet, my Inventory is pretty HIGH at this time. LOL I have 18 Grandchildren now! and 14 of them are GIRLS...... Yes my friends I have become a BARGAIN SHOPPER!! My problem is I try not to be Cheap. So I just look for the best prices. I have not done a ton of clothes shopping online until more recently. Quite frankly I have found some good things on Amazon for kids.

I would love to share some of the links for you parents and grandparents, especially the Easter dresses and treats I have found! If its here I likely have it. In all transparency I am now an Amazon Affiliate, meaning if you use my links to order, I get a small commission from it. (I'm hoping to offset this shopping problem! Seems there is always another Birthday or Holiday LOL)

Just wanted to give you enough time to check things out and prevent you from running store to store, OR paying premium prices! So here are some of the great finds I have come across!!

Books and Gifts - I bought this dress! OMGoodness Super Cute! AND these little shoes...

This would be super for a young family with a boat!

EVERY child needs Jelly Bird Eggs -

THATS A START TO THE EASTER LIST............I will update again soon!

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