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New Program! Raising Spiritual Children

Sep 08, 2023

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I'm pretty excited about this new program. Because there is a much bigger conversation these days around Spirituality, post Covid that is. More and more parents are exploring how to bring their children along with them on the Spiritual Journey.

Current events as well as those of the recent past, can raise the anxiety and stress levels in ourselves but in children as well. Believing in something bigger than themselves, helps children become more resilient to life’s troubles. THIS is where the concept began, to create the program "Raising Spiritual Children". To help parents and give them the resources to start children off on the right path.

Spirituality VS Religion

More and more Americans are considering themselves spiritual but not religious. A 2017 survey from the Pew Research Center found 27 percent of U.S. adults say they are spiritual but not religious, an 8 percent increase from five years prior. However, that number nearly doubled by 2021.

"For most Americans, spirituality and religion are intertwined." Religion is a set of beliefs transmitted through ceremony, community, and culture. Spirituality, on the other hand, is within us and the belief in something beyond the self. "It is the capacity for humans to see into the deeper 'nature of life,' knowing that we are loved, held, guided, and never alone and in knowing that this is shared among us."

If we teach ourselves to tap into this innate capacity for transcendent awareness, we are more likely to build a life of meaning and contribution. Through research, its been found spiritual awareness has mental health benefits, including lowering the risk of depression. Other research has found developing a spiritual routine can prevent substance abuse. It can also have a positive impact on one's life satisfaction and can increase positive emotions.

How to bring Spirituality Into Your Home

So how might parents who do not consider themselves religious attempt to explore spirituality with their children and reap those benefits?

Recognize your own inner knowing

"Parents need first to have their inner wisdom ignited and validated," says Dr. Miller. Recognizing synchronicities in your life is one way we can open a window to thinking about the greater universe guiding us. "Paying close attention to the alignments in our lives—for example, a fellow parent who is helpful to us at a tough moment—can tap into our deep inner knowing." Spiritual awareness can also be experienced through an old prayer from your childhood, meditating, or even spending time in nature.

Don't project your own beliefs

It's important to allow children to find their beliefs on their own terms. As parents, we need to acknowledge that our religious experience is not that of our children. In terms of religion and spirituality, it is important not to project our decisions and choices onto them. Instead, we need to give children the space to explore their own spirituality.

Allow room for discussion

As parents, we may want to answer all our children's questions. But leaving some answers open-ended allows children to explore their own spiritual ideas. Parents need to get in touch with their own 'not knowing. Every question your child asks does not need to be resolved with your answer.

When talking with our kids, asking questions like, "What do you feel life is showing you right now?" or "What does your inner wisdom tell you?" opens children up to opportunities to explore their spiritual curiosity.

Let kids go at their own pace

Give children the room to explore the deep knowing within themselves. This shift in perspective—an awakening—will take time. It is not a quick life hack. It is a renewal of something that is born in all of us.

I hope this is just the beginning of your journey of "Raising Spiritual Children."

The private coaching for this program will open Monday September 11th!!

I'm creating a Pvt FB Page for parents to share ideas! and stories! What works what doesn't....

I'm creating stories for you to share with them, and for different age groups as well!

Check my Heal.Me page for more information and available times.


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