Buy Spling a movie ticket


Hey, I'm Spling... a seasoned film critic whose love for movies is overflowing to the point that I want to create a dedicated weekly movie podcast (turned book!) and supersize my #BingeingWithSpling watch parties.

I already present Talking Movies, a weekly radio broadcast on Fine Music Radio turned podcast. A fairly serious review, I'm wanting to create a platform where I can lighten things up a bit, interview movie people and just get excited about all things film.

The same can be said for my watch party series, Bingeing with Spling, which is basically a movie night festival that anyone can attend. Interviews, guests, musical performances, a curtain-raiser short film, a main streaming feature, movie trivia, games... it's one EPIC movie night!

I have had sponsors in the past, but being a one man band it's tricky to facilitate, create and host the event AND keep chasing sponsors. This is why I thought I'd give Buy Me A Coffee a shot (get it?). 

Getting an alternate support base will make it much easier to go bigger and better, devoting more of my love, energy and time into crafting compelling content and kick-ass movie nights.

If you love movies as much as I do, I hope that you'll consider contributing so that I can keep the podcasts and watch parties independent and free!