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We  believe in the power and importance of storytelling

​Stories Less Spoken (SLS) is a storytelling podcast that brings you enchanting stories written and performed by Canadian artists. The writers, performers and their stories are presented by our hosts, Mandie Bumble and Cole Kelly.  

​Our goal is to give a platform to incredible, sometimes unknown, artists and their work. We have a deep dedication to our community and to creating beautiful pieces of audio.

​There are stories to be told in everything we do, the desire to tell and to hear them is a part of our humanity so intrinsic that we are constantly creating new ways to share these with one another. Stories explain us, connect us, challenge us, and comfort us. Every story told is a part of the human tapestry we are creating together.

​Come with us, as we explore the most compelling part of our nature, as we bring these tales to life through spoken word performance and the magic of the microphone.