Buy The Lockdown Series a coffee


With lockdowns and restrictions set worldwide the impact it has had on the arts and the well being of our younger dancers is indescribable. We at the Lockdown Series hope to provide a unique online training platform allowing younger dancers to still continue their training with addition support, mentorship and guidance.

When you choose to sponsor a dancer you are giving the Arts a lifeline of support through these extremely difficult times. We, at the Lockdown Series, hope to provide young dancers a unique opportunity to stay moving and motivated with our international guest choreographers- credits include West End&Broadway, Cruise ships, Cabarets,The Rockettes, Pantomimes, Events, Tours& The Moscow City Ballet.
How ever you choose to spend your money for a 'cup of coffee' we will be using this money entirely to fund our teachers who are struggling right now. We will in turn give a younger dancer the gift of a dance class to support our younger generation of dancers who are the future of this Industry. 

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