What we tell ourselves shows on the outside!

So if we tell ourselves we are not good enough then that is what will ring truest.

What ever we tell ourselves is true, we are right in what ever we choose to believe.

Fact of matter is that what ever we see ourselves as, somebody on the outside will never see us as we see our self through our eyes.

They have their own assumptions of us like we have of them. But our visions have nothing to do with them and theirs for us personally.

It is about your own state of mind, where you are at in your thoughts about how you feel is what is important and how you take that to the next level is down to you.


It is all in our hands to bring that canvas to life and portray who we are on our own terms. For us to look at ourselves and honestly say out loud .. 'This is who I am! Not this or that; But myself and this is what I stand for!'


We are what we think we are!

It is all how we mindset our thoughts inside.