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Wherever you live and whatever your pursuit, most of us aspire to start their own business and become independent. Today more and more do as solo and indie makers, on their own, in some cases remotely as digital nomads and usually self-funded. My daily weekday newsletter collects useful insights and news from the Maker and NoCoder community, helping you to generate new ideas and hopefully providing inspiration to build and launch your project. I hope you enjoy it!

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@matthewhennessy bought a coffee.

Great newsletter you were sending out. Missing it. Hope the break is going well and look forward to your productised service. Good on you.Β 

Thanks for your support Matthew πŸ™ Am back in London and newsletter will be going online again early next week. So will hopefully my productized service side project. As they say, done is better than perfect!

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One of the rare newsletters I look for in my inbox 😍

Thank you for your support πŸ™ Always a joy to hear I am providing value πŸ’ͺ 😊 

@simplescraper bought a coffee.

Keep doing your thing for the no-code space πŸ’ͺ

Konstantin von Berg
Konstantin von Berg bought a coffee.

great newsletter- very informative on a wide array of topics. Well done!!

Harry Dry
Harry Dry bought a coffee.

Enjoyed it! Just subscribed :)Β