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Alignment problems?🦆🦆  🦆   🦆

Chronic procrastination?💤

Hyperactivity-But-Not-Enough-Focus Disorder?🕴️

Lack of creative energy or motivation deficiency?⚡🔋

Whether you’re five people or 500, organizational health and the ability of teams to work together in productive and creative ways is the Nr.1 challenge I encounter time and again in my work as an innovation coach and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, startups, cooperatives and social enterprises around the globe.

My name is Rakesh Kasturi and as the sprintdoctor, I help teams with volatile and complex conditions align, grow and maintain optimal fitness while creating new products/services/programs.

My practice, both diagnostic and clinical, has been peer-reviewed and tested at institutions such as Google, MIT, LinkedIn, and IBM.