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Sprky's Character Introduction

Feb 09, 2021

Hi there! I'm Sprky.

I'm a 31 year-old nomadic Poet.

I've loved words since before I could use them.

I understand ideas and emotions more easily than I understand people.

I live for aesthetic and adventure.

I exist in a constant state of creative flow that manifests not just in writing, but also in dance, photography, and modeling.

I constantly balance multiple projects - right now I'm working on a queer fantasy novel (BL, GL, Nonbinary, ✨magic✨), a second poetry collection (you can buy the first here), and have started poking at an autobiography (I know I seem young for that, but my life thus far has been A Lot).

On this platform you can expect a variety of expressions all based solely on my mood :D I am a consistently inconsistent person, I don't fancy planning, and I am easily bored and prone to bouts of isolation, sadness, and hyperactivity. Please understand, I am a person, not a product and everything I share reflects that truth.

I strive for honest expression, not marketable content, so expect everything from random rants about the state of the world, to my latest poetry, to excerpts from my books, to photographs, to playlists, and anything and everything else that piques my interest and makes me want to share. <3

Thanks for existing with me. The world seems awfully dark sometimes, so let's light it up together.

Love, Sprky

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