Hey Y'all! We finally started a cooking channel! We do have a goal before we post any cooking videos, as this will give us time to build a base as well as learn to voice over and edit videos. If you know how Binging With Babish does then you know what I mean. It will also give us time to get those good mics, like ones you can wear on your apron as well as the podcast mics. We are limited on what we can do ad make right now as our apartment is crowded and small (4 people- me and my fiance, his dad and his girl- in a 2 bed 2 bath apartment) ass kitchen with extremely limited kitchen space and a very sensitive smoke alarm that does not seem to like me cooking for some reason. On the YouTube there is one video as of now explaining a bit on what the channel is.

There will be 3 different cookbooks: 1. Sweets and Treats, 2. Family Recipes, and 3. Mixed up World. 

1. Sweets and Treats

The first books is as it sounds, it's baking. It'll have cakes, breads, cookies, smoothies, etc., etc. I have cookbooks that I've had in my family (not from my family but like ones you can't find anymore) that they've had since the depression and the early 1900's. I will pull recipes out of all of them for this book cause I love making the desserts.

2. Family Recipes

This one is recipes my family has had since generations, and yes I have permissions to use them, I had to ask before I was able to start using them cause some are personal. I make my own recipes as well and will gladly share them with you all. I do not live with family so I cannot really make this one until last most likely because it's so difficult for me to get ahold of them.

3. Mixed Up World

This cookbook is literally a bunch of recipes I love from different countries and is a mix of them in no specific order. I will however label what country they're based in!


Q: What kind of recipes?

A: There will be all sorts from desserts to entrees to appetizers.

Q: Will the origins of the recipes be labeled?

A:  Yes, I will I state the countries and try to find the region they come from in the recipe.

Q:  What about nutrition facts?

A: All nutrition facts will be stated as they are in the recipe.

Q: What if I don't use a unit of measurement you do?

A: I got that covered. Each book will have the measurement conversion tables and more in the beginning after the ToC.

Q: Are you on other social media? 

A: Yes, I am on Twitter as @PixilesBakery

If anyone has anymore questions or concerns please message me and let me know! Thank you! I am so excited to finally start this channel after like 5 years of saying I'm going to.