9 Muses Cafe Menu
I have made the menu. Look how beautiful and rustic it looks! These will be the items we offer.

Nov 03

First book

I PUBLISHED MY FIRST COOKBOOK TODAY! It's on kindle! This is my first book so the format may be a bit wonky and I'm not gonna cover that up. There no pictures sadly but it's all gluten-free! Please do give it a shot if you want to.

Sep 17

Cooking channel! Y'all! We finally started a cooking channel! We do have a goal before we post any cooking videos, as this will give us time to build a base as well as learn to voice over and edit videos. If you know how Binging With Babish does then you know what I mean. It will also give us time to get those good mics, like ones you can wear on your apron as well as the podcast mics. We are limited on what we can do ad make right now as our... more

Sep 10

Greek Tarama Dip (Taramosalata)
What’s Tarama?Tarama is the cured eggs of either carp fish, grey mullet, or cod. In Greece, we

Aug 31

Chicken Souvlaki (With BEST Greek Yogurt Chicken Marinade!)
What’s Souvlaki?When we say Souvlaki in Greek we refer to meat threaded on skewers traditional

Aug 31

Lemon Jam Recipe (2 ingredients)
How To Make Lemon JamTo make a nice and thick lemon jam, the ratio of sugar has to be 1:1.

Aug 29

Money Spell - Candle
Crystal to Attract a lover
Increae Your Income
Love Charm To Attract Lover