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Hitting the Nail on the Head

Apr 12, 2022

Continuing on visualisation, this one is for improved ball striking.

When I do my 1:1 sessions at Fairways one of the first things I do is talk about keeping the mind quiet when over the ball. All I am looking for the golfer to do is to have the intent of striking the ball "in the slot",

The slot is where we want the club to strike the ball perfectly and consistently. By putting the club head (all clubs and putter work) up against the ball in the exact place we want the contact to occur, and calling it perfect then we have set a positive intent with with the mind can work with.

We can then close our eyes and imagine the club striking the ball in that exact position and when you open your eyes say to yourself something similar to "that's perfect". We are giving permission and instruction from the mind to the body that this is what we want. We now have to let our athletic ability create the swing and the ball strike to make it happen.

Think about hammering a nail into a bit of wood. We set the intention of striking the nail on the head and we do just that. The body organises itself around the positive intent of hitting the nail on the head and hitting it into the wood. You don't think about how your arm and elbow swings to make it happen.

It's the same if I passed a football to you from 3 foot away and asked you to pass it back, you would be able to set the intention and your body would make it happen.

If you have seen a joiner hammer a nail in or experience a football being kicked by a Pro you will know that by improving their technique they hot it much harder and accurately, however when they do it for real, they go back to being natural. That's why swing lessons from the Pro are important and swing thoughts over the ball are not required.

By visualising the ball striking it amplifies the positive intent to strike the ball perfectly. Or imagine you are additionally driving a nail into the golf ball with your driver and feel the difference that makes to your ball striking

And best of all, it works.

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