Support for Race Across America (RAAM) 2 ...

Support for Race Across America (RAAM) 2022

Jan 25, 2022

This Jun 2022, I will be racing for the third time in Race across America to beat my own timing of 11 days 18 hours by 2 days. Race across America involves cycling 5000 km from the west coast to East coast in 12 days, averaging 500 km in 24 hours with as little as 2 hours of sleep.

I will be attempting to set  the fastest time beating my previous time set in 2017.

Ultracyclist 🚴🚴🚴, 🌟1st Indian 🌟 to FINISH The Worlds toughest Ultracycling race, Race across America (RAAM) and Race Around Austria. Limca record for fastest cycling from Leh to Kanyakumari. Aerospace Physician, TED-X Speaker and Author.

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