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Hey all 👋

Thanks for showing an interest in this page any my projects! No, really.

I spend a TON of my time (free and not so free) creating a very diverse world of projects, anywhere from software development, to website development, to creating and maintaining forums, meme websites, to music and lyrics, video creation, game streaming, and everything in-between, that I just freely pass out into the internet ether to end up wherever they will; always hoping every single one of them will strike a chord with the universe and take on an unexpected life of their own.

Hopefully, one or more of these projects has struck that chord with you, and in return you'll be willing to toss a few "shillings" this way to support my ever-continuing (and often exhausting) efforts.

If you are kind enough to donate to support all of this craziness on my part, just know that I appreciate it more than I can articulate, and tyvm in advance! =)