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I am humbled by all our nice comments. Thank you very much for all your positive feedback. It really helps me continue the series on hyperinflation and money in general.

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Topics and future videos

Primarily in this phase and through this year I share my families experience about living during the hyperinflation in the 90's in Romania. I will sprinkle these experiences with general knowledge I have gained after studying what has happened to us during those time.

I do my best to read all comments and answer all questions. My experiences from this time may not translate 1 to 1 into a future scenario of a potential hyperinflation in the country with the world reserve currency, but it can give you very valuable insight on how bad things can get and what is the general psychology of people living during these times. In some ways we had it worse but in some ways we had it easier. As a country we were actually better prepared, and could rely on neighboring countries currencies. I think that a future potential event would be global and on a much larger scale.

I also give a lot of context to why people acted in a certain way, why something got inflated or devalued during this time, so you and I can make our best educated guesses on what to expect in these scenarios.

As of right now I don't think the hyperinflation scenario is imminent, but I think the managed high inflation period that is sought after the central authorities could get out of hand rapidly.  (Yes, sought after, inflation doesn't happen, it is generated.) I also know that I have a very positive bias towards America and generally the western countries to which I looked up to all my life. Therefor I don't know if my still generally positive outlook is logic driven or sometimes just wishful thinking.

I share my experiences and answer questions to the best of my ability, but I would also like that the StarPath Academy channel be an open forum for discussion as I intend to learn from you as well. Especially about current news and information from your field of work, then adding my experience from these times and the opinions of other members hopefully we can distill some knowledge going forward.

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