Buy Star Wars Music Minute a sweet potato


Star Wars Music Minute is a project that celebrates the music and sound of Star Wars five cinematic minutes at a time.

The main podcast is available on all platforms and YouTube. On YouTube, I also do music commentary on the new Star Wars Disney+ shows with my friends Justin and James. (The Bad Batch / Visions / The Book of Boba Fett)

Everyone has a unique relationship to Star Wars, music, and Star Wars music, and my goal is to get more people thinking and talking about the music, regardless of formal training. It’s not about being an expert, worshipping heroes, or validating one school of music theory over another. Everyone is invited to the table when it comes to music analysis, and I hope the show helps people become more engaged, curious listeners. 

Star Wars Music Minute is an intense labor of love, and I want to keep it going for a long time. I don’t want to set up another* membership thingy, because I’m incredibly disenchanted by money and practical concerns and am frankly burned out by admin. However! If you simply wanted to “buy me a coffee” to show appreciation for a particular episode you enjoyed, I would gratefully accept that. 😊


*I already have a Patreon (Chrysanthe Tan) that serves as a catchall for all of my supporters across various projects; it's not SWMM-specific.