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Our work is very non-conventional and breaks a lot of rules and traditions, I mean it's very exciting and about creating experiences but because of this, it's considered risky and not "commercial" enough therefore we rarely get any funding!! This is why we have come here, hoping that we can get enough coffees and wines to dream and be as ambitious as we want ...

state of the [art] is an artistic collective made up of artists, working internationally, this has been mainly theatre and performance practice however it also includes installations and experiences, live events, community outreach and artist development.

We make shows, from small scale experiments, to mid scale international exchanges with our partners around Europe and beyond. We also have an Artist International Development programme for performance and production training. We host, lead, facilitate and support workshops around contemporary collaborative practices as well as theatre design, technology and audience participation. We are an artistic universe, constantly expanding...running talks and roundtables looking at the future of contemporary theatre.

In terms of the work we create - we are concerned with redefining spaces, redefining the role of the audience by challenging the audience and allowing their participation to become a part of the performance itself. We want active spectators who are at the centre of our process and also lead the performance. We facilitate and mediate cross cultural exchanges by bringing together of new community’s, especially in environments that do not have a constant connection to the arts. To do this we are very responsive, adaptive, and experimental. we are essentially creative improvisors that make non-conventional work. we are very sensitive to the needs of our audiences and find it important to empower audiences to also play as creators. 

So yes, buys us a few drinks, wine and dine us - we thank you very much!
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