Is not a good number; it’s very, very bad. 

I understand relativity - but its 359 mums and 359 dads; left restless. 


Is not permissible - it should never cease to feel obscene. 

When you reflect that lockdown started with 50 deaths; whilst the pavements and shops streamed. 


Is not a magic number; it’s 359 last breaths. 

And I can’t put my hand on my heart and just let that off my chest. 

Can you? 


In uk average lifetimes is 29,136 potential years.

It’s 359 lives our key workers fought hard for that ended drowned in tears. 

But they couldn’t wipe them. 


In seconds it’s near 6 minutes to hold your breath.

It’s 359 people stranded on a desert island not the people who ‘just’ went to a beach instead. Whilst nurses dripped in PPE. 

Thank you to all of those working to save lives. We owe you. This is for those ‘well intentioned’ souls verbalising denial instead. 

Some explanation 

359 is the number of reported deaths yesterday 3/6/2020 due to Covid19 whilst the UK comes out of lockdown.