Coaching; the repair shop 

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I'm sat watching the repair shop and am struck by how it feels so analogous to what i have the opportunity to do as a coach; restoring great leaders, people and human beings back to their best. 

Every one of them has beauty, history and intrinsic value & the questions... 


...I ask, the reflections which result and the steps which are arrived at; like a conditioner rubbed into worn leather or a freshly tapered wooden joint and coat of paint - I get to see those I work with walk away with renewed life. A life and energy which is then...


...passed on, in turn, to others within organisations, teams and departments. 

No replacement, no new parts needed - often just the raised awareness of what is there and the running gear oiled such that they can play a record which get the whole room (or team) moving...



Too often, as in life, we seek the new - when what was there was already great. 

I am blessed to be trusted by those I work with with to use the 'tools of my trade' combined with my experience to do what I do.

Sometimes there are tears, just as there...


...are on the repair shop. 

And just like the work of the artisans - what you see on the outside is such a small part of the story. 

Capacitors, resistors and motors rewired and repackaged away. I know and my coachee know and that's enough for me. 

Stefan #coaching 🙏

Some explanation 

Whether it is CEO's, MD's, Heads of, Middle Managers or the self employed clients I work with - those I work with are often in need of 'repair'. Broken down by 'the machine' and or 'being pummelled' - it's not their weakness it's the inhuman beast that so many of us work in. 

Navigating shareholders, external pressures, getting buy in from the senior team or even ones boss - can draw upon all of ones resources and sometimes it can be useful to share the load with someone else. Not there to provide the answers - unless the well has run dry - but to get the water flowing again. 

A coach, like me - helps their coachees build dams to protect or take them down brick by brick to let the water run free. 

We all deserve to run free don't we? And when we do - we often find new pathways and concourse for our 'waters' to run along. Creating new routes, and calm waters for those who follow to 'sail upon'. 

Don't wait; find a coach - life's for living - not for fighting to hold the waters back. 

Stefan #thelittleboatiow