what do you desire? is my question today.

i desire peace inside a silent mind

an open heart; love entwined

i desire friendship and laughter

a calm ever after

with joy along a flat open road

I desire moments of solitude and grace

not a permanent homage to the impression i made.

i desire a place:

- a place to be open

- a place to unwind

- a place to be joyous

- a place to be kind

- a place to be unknowing

- a place to share what I know

- a place to be silent

- a place where people can go

stefan - 07:16 - 9/5/2020


some explanation

there have been many bumps along the road and i recognise that many, if not all, have been caused by me.

aspiration is the biggest cause of disaster. but in all honesty some of that has made set me free.

i'd like some calm, just for a whole and whilst I have a busy mind (and i might think too much) its ok if it has an outlet.

thankfully, i am walking towards working out where this path will lead me or leave me.

I'm enjoying this process and recognise that I need to find a place that I can continue to write and reflect. The coffee house is busy and a fabulous place for people to sit, to talk, relax and work in.

but i struggle to switch off in there. so many to speak with, so many people to feel welcome, so many jobs to do. As i sit typing this i wonder whether it can become that place for me too.

it will come; what will it take it? i just need a quiet mind. to set myself free. what will give me a quiet mind? That comes tomorrow

capitals might come later (07:37)