I’m struck by the perfect world we’re served. 

  • Airbrushed photos

  • Life changing blogs 

  • Reading lists 

  • Past times and hobbies 

  • Exercise; oh exercise. 

  • Perfect families. 

All of them honed to perfection. 

Yet; how seldom we see real people living ‘it’.

It is the attainment of the impossible. It’s for the chosen few; the gift of the chosen - they never have it all just a bit of it. 

  • Perfect abs but no enjoyment of cake. 

  • A fast car but no idea of what it is to be calm.

  • A perfect house but no one to share it.

  • A best selling novel but no one to speak with.

Extremes; I hope you get what i mean... 

Children are our teachers watch what they do. 

  • Make mess.

  • live life and openly scream.

  • Better out than in.

  • a reminder of everything good in us too. 

What did your inner child want to be when it grew up? Before TV and magazines. Was it a simple ideal - before you decided you wanted to be an astronaut. 

To play? 

In lockdown I realise that living, real living is: 

  • Eating with family.

  • Washing your own clothes.

  • Walking in the fresh air.

  • Working with people you love.

  • Chatting about nothing and something.

  • Hugging as much as often.

  • Washing up ready for the new.

  • Sleeping in excitement for tomorrow.

  • Reading and talking with children or ‘just’ for you. 

When you add up all of that stuff; how is there time for anything else? There would be if you weren’t trying to sustain that car, that holiday, that house. 

So let’s take the proclamations of perfection, the fix all solutions and academia galore the: 

  • Read this book.

  • Read that blog.

  • Watch that film.

And acknowledge that they’re searching too. 

We are all searching.

Ask yourself what would you do on day one if no one was watching, day two and day 100... and money wasn’t an object? 

A small child is happy with a cardboard box. What’s your cardboard box?

Now there’s a thought.

(Some explanation) 

That will come later.