what impression have i made?

this is not what i intended to write; i’ll save that for another day. 

this is the outcome of the chat I had with my son today; at the breakfast table. 

“daddy we’re similar”... 

here came the honesty. 

“the good things we’re the same on...

...we are strong

...we listen

...we care about people empathise

...we give people time 

...we are ninjas (he literally; he says “you help people fix things”)

...we have nice smiles

...we include others 

...we love music...”

his extra one was that he’s “honest”

“The not so good things we’re the same on...

...we shout

...we spend too much time on electronics

...we get stuck on stuff

...we are mean 

...we eat a lot”.

it was enlightening...

we hugged. 

we talked about what makes us switch from the ‘good’ to the ‘bad’ and what stops us being the ‘good’, sometimes, for one another. 

i guess he sees what others see, but aren’t always quick to say to me, explore or work through with me. 

then he left “I’m going to go play”. leaving me to reflect.

i know where I want to take the chat next time. but the important question is; where does he want to take it? 

we should go there. keep you posted.

Stefan - 10-5-2020 12.15pm


(Some explanation)

willoughby and i spend large amounts of time at logger heads. i’d intended to write some deep thoughts about the footprints i’d left in the sand over the years - some reinforcements to take forward into my ‘next phase’. 

will stopped me in my tracks, gave me something much more worthwhile to think on. the impression I make when I am ‘unguarded’ - naturally me, if you like.

if I work best and most joyously when I am at my most natural - what he says that we do when we’re ‘being’ that is food for thought. 

what causes me to be at my worst; food for thought too. 

the capitals will come 12.18pm