“Are you a leader?” asked Another of One.

“If you have to ask” replied One “then the answer is no. For leadership can be seen within actions; not words. I promise when you see it you’ll know”.

“When I see it I’ll know?” asked Another.

“Let me share a little more” said One gently. 

“If you have to ask the question; shareholder or society? Or whether profit or people come first. If you have to consider whether commerce stands before climate or corporation before community and whether today is more important than another tomorrow. You are not a leader. You are a follower. And...”

“And?” asked Another.

One continued “...and followers chase what the people want not what humanity needs. You can see it in the moments of choice that fall upon the side of greed not wisdom”. 

“So leaders make differing choices?” replied Another.

“Yes” said One “you see just like the trees we depend upon to breathe, leaders have deep seated roots to anchor them and stand, just and tall, when faced with a storm. And like Trees they play a significant role in reducing erosion; the erosion of our morale and in balancing our climate; in all its facets. Are you with me?” Asked One. 

“Yes” answered Another.

“Then you are a leader” replied One. “Upon which we depend”.

Some explanation 

Leadership does not come from stature or title although many think that is so. 

It shows itself no matter the question and in those whose ‘place’ sits way down below. 

On a bus, on a boat, on the street or a train it shows itself in the shows of disdain and the willingness to stand up for what we need not what we want. 

Leadership sits within actions; not words. it shouts loudly for just causes that could go unheard.

It shows itself in the moments when no one is watching in the conscious choice to stand up or to refrain. 

It’s there in the corridors, at home, in the park, it doesn’t sit in a bag on the side in the dark.

It’s always waiting; waiting for someone who strays from the cause; the cause that is bigger than stock market applause. 

Leadership isn’t about being right or first of strong it’s about lifting people up behind an ideal to do good to erase wrongs 

Leadership identifies causes and clarifies why’s; it recognises it’s a conduit for the just and the wise.

Galvanising people behind their chosen cause; leadership success is measured in concrete - not hollow applause. 

And what the world needs now isn’t entertaining by ‘showmen’ or people who thrive on bullets or klansmen, it needs leaders to fight for what’s been right all along - all of humanity and the bright brilliant sound of a bird in full song.