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There’ll be doubters...

Sep 26, 2020

There’ll be doubters 

No matter the idea you have or the intent that lies behind it; it’s a definite that there’ll be doubters. 

Try as you may, fight as you will, as undoubtably fabulous your idea or intent there will always be people who will want to turn out your fire, make you sit and stand still. Never to fulfil your ambition. 

They’ll claw at your thoughts, seek to undermine your thinking and do their best to outline why “it’ll never work”. 

But that’s there loss; not yours - do your best not to listen. You are a believer. 

Hold onto your spark, bring your light into the dark and walk tall and make a start - we need you. 

If it wasn’t for people like you there’d be nothing achieved and nothing ever new. There’d be even greater levels of racism, sexism, ageism - in fact all ‘isms’ would be rife without you. No cure for this, solution for that, no right to vote or to stand up against attack. 

Because of people like you we have a chance to be and to do something different, something that just might trigger the change we need: a reprieve for our planet, for your continent, for your country, for your community - for me and for you. 

Because of you we might reconnect with our ‘younger selves’ and the fortitude of having something that we must strive for and prove - in the absence of fear - we lose as we grow older. 

We need more people striving for the right outcome without fear right now to prove that we can turn back the clock and save this race we call humanity. We need believers like you. 

People won’t admit it but our trajectory as a whole isn’t upwards it’s down. To point this out or to draw the attention of others to the stars beyond the moon, if it means sacrifice on their part, means you’ll often be talked down. But we need a slap in the face. We need honesty so that we can wake up to ourselves and shake off the shackles of greed and self service. To live again for the greater good. 

So believer; be bold in your presence, drive for that change, develop your idea, feed your brain. Strive to convince those around you for better and against worse; fight against depletion and keep our leaders on their toes. 

It’s better to be different and to be strange than to fizzle out without a fight. It’s not better to “...burn out; not fade away” it’s better to burn brightly and drive a belief that we can never let the fire burn out. 

Grab the cause with both hands. Let the people that deplore you, those who are hiding behind the run of the mill, scared of their own shadow, stand last in the queue. Don’t let them dim you, don’t let them trim you and don’t let them hold you down.

Stand on a chair and grab the attention of those around and shout loud, “can, I will, I do...leave me to worry for myself. Cos sitting on my backside (and you yours) ain’t good for our health, now, tomorrow or in the future. 

And as you walk this journey between content and bold take others with you. Those who are with you in spirit, but too scared to drown - carry them with you. For one day they will be strong enough to carry life jackets too. 

Remain a believer; we are with you. 

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It’s in you - let it out...

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