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THINK small; act BIG

Jun 02, 2020

THINK small; act BIG

This is my favourite window in the house. 

Small compact and petite 

it calms me.

A smaller world framed; manageable, attainable and able to complete well. 

Stefan - 01/06/2020 13.02

Some explanation 

Too often in life those with passion have big ideals, big hearts and an ambition the size of a continent. 

But too much perimeterless ambition cripples the soul. 

It’s ok to shoot for the stars and land on the moon but it’s infinitely more sustainable to jump from one river bank across to another and know that you’ve achieved ‘weightlessness’ even for a moment. 

Choose your playing space. 

A basketball court not a planet; somewhere you can shoot at hoops rather than jump through them. 

Win in that court and you’ll get to play in a different court on a bigger stage. 

By influencing those outside of your circle; your circle of influence grows. 

This is THINKing small. And small doesn’t mean you can’t act BIG. 

Acting big means doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time with all of your heart. It’s about acting to affect the big picture by solving the ‘little’ problems which cause the problems of the wider world. 

Take listening for example. 

It seems small. But find a person who doesn’t feel listened to and listen to them well, for them, and you will change their world and those of many more. 

Pull up a chair and ask another person their what, their where, their why, their how, their who and their when and listen to their words; carefully. 

And when they’ve finished and only then, with acknowledged permission to tell them, tell them your story as well. 

The person you’ve listened to, perhaps more than at any other time in their life, will feel the respect gained through being heard. In turn they will listen to the next person they speak with a little more than they might have before you. 

From this small thought - the power of listening will spread, patience and empathy too - until all of our time in this world will be spent acting more about ‘us or them’ and less about just ‘me and you’. 


The same works too in the small thought of closing your laptop at 5pm and then walking around your office and asking those who report to you to do the same with theirs too. Repeat this daily and watch the world slowly but surely follow suit. And there you have a movement. 

You thought small; but acted big. 

You see the world does not have to be changed by giant brush strokes; little etches repeated daily will accomplish much too. 

This is acting BIG inside a small sphere of influence to create a wider ripple; a bigger action than you. 

You have infinite power when you think small but act big. Remember; the water lasts longer if the hole in the bucket is the size of a splinter. 

Next time you think about taking on the world; choose the size of your window and frame the size of the world to a size you can cope with.

Better to have made a difference HERE than to have made none THERE, THERE or   THERE. 

Think small; act big it’s what the enduring do.

Stefan - 2/06/2020 07:35

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