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It was 1991 and there I was, testing a game I've received as my 12 years-old birthday present. Maniac Mansion, a game released in 1987 by LucasFilm Games that had it all. A gloomy mansion, a meteor-controlled doctor, a kidnap girlfriend, a tuna-head nerd and ... tentacles! Even though I was playing the enhanced EGA version for PC those graphics were burned into my brain, but, it wasn't until I understand that I didn't need a text-parser anymore, that I fell deeply in love. Everything related to this game was an achievement, from its 16 colors palette to the mythical SCUMM engine. But, It also changed the whole experience for us the non-native English speakers for which the text-parser was a nightmare. It was then that I started my journey into 2D point & click graphics adventure games.

Now, more than 30 years and many games later I decided to write my own!

So the journey begins along with "The Question" ... what to write!?

I've only made mobile games before, so this was something very different. With this game, I wanna take people back to those wonderful games I've played as a kid

It was after a lot of thinking around that the idea of making something like Stellar Mess hit my head. I was not only going to write a history that makes the players remember those games

But I was going to make a game that reproduces the exact same experience of those days. So, let's go!

I hope you like it and get on board with the idea and thanks for supporting me and my game

See you around