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Hey! I'm Clotele. This past month has been a hard one. I'm looking for a new job. My two cats Tesla and Edison, have both had medical emergencies, and Edison has passed away. Myself and Tesla are devastated. The resulting stress has put Tesla in the cat hospital with stress related urinary problems. He requires a life saving surgery this week or he will pass away. I myself have racked up some uninsured medical bills this month with my head injury as well, and am now thousands of dollars ( The price of a reliable car) in debt and would really appreciate your help digging even slightly out of this hole. I don't want to ask for something with nothing in return so I will be creating music, doing modeling jobs, taking requests and ideas, and generally doing anything for the 'gram that would be entertaining. Please donate as little as the price of a cup of coffee or as much as you enjoy my songs or stunts. I know its been a hard year for everyone and I really appreciate any help and love. If you want to request a song please comment or message and I'll tag you when I post it to Instagram/Tiktok. Thank you so much. #TipsforTesla

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