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Let it go Liz

Dec 14, 2020

Top of the monday morning to you! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and ate too much and rang people and put x's on the end of text messages.

I hope people from Waterford have recovered from the bating Limerick dished out.

Today's email is all about my friend Liz, and my hopes for her.

For some background Liz is a professional dancer - blonde, long legged, big eyed and absolute bants (thats good fun for those who are not down with the common parlance). She's what would be commonly known as "a catch".

Liz is also currently worried that she won't find proper true exciting tingly love

But Elizabeth: It's the middle of a f*ckin pandemic.....



It's because she's been on several (covid safe!) dates recently and none of them have been in any way exciting. When she rang me and asked me to dispense some of my sagely wisdom I had to take a second to remind her that in case she was unaware there was a worldwide global pandemic going on..... and to give herself a break!!

And thats the point of this Monday's email. Last Friday was about going out there and getting after it. Monday's email is about giving yourself a break when you need it - seeing things with perspective!!

The world is so far from normal right now that it's important to celebrate the little victories and give yourself a break from the big pressure things that society insists you're "supposed" to have done.

There's a time and place for those things to happen and forcing them is never a good idea. Life happens at a different pace for every person. Like the great poet laureate Miley Cyrus said - "it's not about how fast you get there, it's not about what's waiting on the other side.... it's the climb".

So enjoy the journey Liz.

Enjoy coming home after yet another of your terrible dates and ringing me to tell me in great detail how the American douchebag Aidan told you he was "totally a feminist bro" and then talked over you for the whole date and insisted you paid, cause "Sylvia Plath bro"

These adventures will make for great stories and make the "i kissed so many frogs before i found my toad" story (cause we both know Liz you're gonna end up with a toad) even more special

Here's some helpful motivation:

At 30 Harrison Ford was a carpenter and it wasn't until 35 when he got his break in a little known movie called Star Wars

At 30 Oprah Winfrey was out of work having been fired from several reporting jobs

Morgan Freeman got his first major movie role at the age of 52

At the age of 34 heart throb musical sensation and chiselled adonis Stephen Barry still lived(s) at home with his mother

By my reckoning Cher has at least another 72 years of songs in her and will be the first 200 year old woman to win a daytime emmy sometime in the year 2100

So if its the middle of a pandemic, and you haven't quite figured out life as perfectly as everyone online would indicate life should be who gives a f*ck!! If the world was operating as normal, you'd have time like all those big names above. With the world under pressure give yourself even more time!!!

Do one thing today that's gonna make you happy. Do one thing today that's gonna be good for your soul. I'm gonna eat a nectarine - cause i love them.

And Liz - there's always cats

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