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Tear For Tier 4

Dec 19, 2020

Well f*ck that

Pardon my french!!!

My heart goes out to all of you lovely people who have just been moved into Tier 4 in London and the surrounds. I know it's not a monday or friday but i just wanted to send this out to send some positivity out there into the world.

For those not aware as of midnight tonight it will be illegal for people to leave the Tier 4 zone because of a new strain of COVID which is even more infectious. Meaning a whole host of people will be on their own for Christmas and unable to travel home and spend it with loved ones in a bubble.

Here's the good news tho - if you're reading this - you're still alive and kicking - the sun will come up tomorrow - there will be good times again.

Yes it will be shite for you to be alone or to not be with family for Christmas.

It will also be shite for your families and friends who love and miss you.

But there is no benefit to doing anything but clinging to every little positive.

You're still here. The sun will come up again tomorrow. There's Netflix. There's Chris Hemsworth's rippling abs in the Thor movies. There's FaceTime. Ryan Gosling probably would buy you a drink. Ben and Jerrys exists. There's photos of dogs on the internet. There's dogs in real life. The same above both phrases apply to boobs.

That first hug is gonna feel so good once we get through this!!!

To end this short message a big shout out to the healthcare workers!

The NHS legends who are gonna take the brunt of this new wave on the chin and as they have done all year quietly go about being heroes every single day.

If you're lonely this Christmas and you feel like some babbling nonsense will help alleviate your loneliness - feel free to reach out and drop me an email. I'll probably reply with absolute waffle and trollop which may offer a brief distraction.

Keep 'er lit


(p.s. pic of Chris Hemsworth attached for reference)

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