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The Last EVER* email

Jan 18, 2021

*for now

**and until I have something to sell you

***or until I have some really good news

****so not the last ever email but you get the idea

So as I continue to explore various Covid 19 creative activities I've decided I want to up my writing and content output.


I don't want to be that guy that spams people constantly

So going forward I will still be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday and sometimes even more... but you won't receive them as emails :)

I'll share them on social media so you can still easily access them and you can always just click onto this page and read through them at your leisure. i.e. when you're bored or want to escape the children

So you know if I DO decide to email you it's with vitally crucial important information which you must drop everything (including children) to read!!

I will also be posting the writings in video format (of which I'm super uncomfortable with but you don't grow inside your comfort zone) and you can access them on my YouTube channel.

So click the link below and click the big old subscribe button :)


I'll be making a separate playlist where I pop them all in and I'm going to discuss contentious and incendiary topics and try and give a nuanced take on them. I'm calling the whole thing "The Balanced Take"

I can only assume I'll be on national TV within 6 weeks.

I will still slide of course casually into your email inbox every now and then with general updates or if I do something noteworthy and I'm seeking praise!

Until then, I hope you are well and have a great week!

Monday - full of possibilities :)

Keep her lit


p.s. Today's puppy of choice

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