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There'll never be another Friday

Jan 08, 2021

The 8th of January 2021

Won't happen again

Won't exist again.

These 24 hours are the only 24 hours that will ever be of this Friday 8th Jan

So why not do something with them.

  • If you're just waking up you've got your whole day ahead of you. Take out a notepad and write down what you want to get after today

  • If it's evening time for you - is there something you avoided all day that you should just go and kick the arse of??

  • If you didn't do the workout you planned - go do some squats and eat some vegetables.

  • If you haven't sent that text you were meant to send - send the friggin text

  • Go for a walk

  • Watch a movie with popcorn and wine and chocolate by choice - not just because you're bored - make it a banging experience

  • Try that thing in bed you've been putting off for ages (for me it's going to bed before midnight and getting a healthy 8 hours sleep but the same rhetoric applies to a whole range of activities)

I wasn't going to write the friday email. Can you imagine!?

If I didn't there would NEVER exist a friday the 8th Jan 2021 email

This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME email*. Think about that. A once in a lifetime email. You and I just happened to be on this planet at the same time!! And we've got this friday together. A Once In A Lifetime Event

*(sounds like im about to sell you a mop for $99.99)

Time on this planet is finite. It's limited. But you aren't**

Go do something today this Friday the 8th Jan.

**(apart from gravity - you're pretty limited by gravity - don't try flying today by throwing yourself out of a tree because some email told you that you're unlimited)

Now we're sucking diesel


p.s. anyone wanna buy this mop for the once in a lifetime price of £99.99

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