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"Whatever you do always give 100 percent ...

"Whatever you do always give 100 percent...

Jan 11, 2021

...Unless you're donating blood"

Then maybe don't give your all.

It's Monday which means it's time for another "Motivational Monday" email.

Wherein I outline all the ways in which you can go get after it today, this week, this month, this year!

It's been a tricky old start to 2021 so we're gonna keep the message real simple today

Excel in the areas that YOU can control!!

You can't control a worldwide global pandemic.

You can't control political upheaval.

You can't control how bad the Irish football team is.

Perhaps most tragically of all you can't control the proportional share of Cadbury Roses flavours that they put in the tin (I think we're all agreed there needs to be more orange ones)

However... you can control your attitude to all these things.

And you can control the world directly around you, that you choose to build.

And most importantly, you can probably control a lot of what you get up to on this marvellous Monday!


(if you sang "hammertime" immediately after the stop give yourself 5 points for Gryffindor)

Here's a checklist of some things you can do today which are within your control and guaranteed to improve your day

  • Drink some water - have you drank enough water today? - if not go get a pint of water and drink it now! Your body will thank you.

  • Get 10k steps in (or the equivalent) - have you done some simple exercise to keep the heart feeling good? - is it scheduled in your day? If not? Go get it. Your body will thank you again.

  • Seize and savour one moment - just one moment - that's gonna mark the day - maybe put on a nice outfit to go to your kitchen and make yourself a fancy coffee, put on your favourite song and just sit and enjoy it, maybe have one of those lindt chocolate balls (which I'm convinced are made of pure crack). Consciously select one moment that you're gonna take to just enjoy something for you today. Your mind will thank you for it.

Those are 3 things which are guaranteed to improve your day. They're all free (apart from the Lindt chocolate balls*) and they are all within your control.

*On a side note find someone who looks at you the way the Lindt chocolate guy looks at a chocolate whisk

Big Picture

If you got big ambitions and plans write a list of what you can do today and this week to take steps to get closer to those ambitions.

Make your tasks measurable. What gets measured gets done.

Here's an example from big picture singing plan

Week beginning 11th Jan

  • Singing technique work this week

  • Min 2 youtube videos this week

As you can see mine is fairly straightforward - I'm going to practice singing technique for a minimum of 2 hours every day this week.

By next Sunday I will have done 14 hours of focused practice on singing technique.

I'm also going to upload 2 Youtube videos.

It can be that simple but will help give your week a focus.

To wrap up Motivation Monday

Nothing in life is guaranteed - think about this - there are people who turned down dessert on the Titanic because they were worried they would look fat by the pool the day after.

Just imagine all the things you would have done in 2019 if you knew how 2020 was gonna pan out!

So why not make the absolute best out of today in every area that you can control.

And don't EVER f*cking turn down fancy desert if you're on a turn of the century luxury cruise liner

Hon the boys in green


P.S. Here are some wise words to remember

"every human has a finite amount of heartbeats, I don't intend to waste any of mine"

- you know who said that?? Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong said that!

(Speaking of Neil Armstrong is there a more condescending man alive? - I always get the feeling that Neil Armstrong has looked down on everyone on the planet)

And that right there ladies and gents - is the worst astronaut based joke you'll hear today.

So know that today can only get better from here on out

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