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I am a writer, editor, and musician who lives in the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina with my wife Lorraine and one of my four daughters.

As a ten-year-old walking home from school, I  loudly sang American folk songs like “Goober Peas” and “Boatman Dance,” songs written from popular culture that told aspects of American history. That began my life long love of folk music and began teaching me how to put words together to communicate.

After college and some graduate school, I started a small arts magazine. This effort allowed me to pursue my passion in art, music, and literature and meet like-minded people across the United States. This inauspicious beginning was followed by another magazine editor’s job, then varied work as a journalist and photographer (traveling to 45 countries), direct mail writer, fund-raising consultant, book club director, developmental book editor, ghost writer, freelance writer, and folksinger.

In 2005 I retired from publishing and turned my attention to raising my fourth daughter and teaching folk songs in schools. Schools all over the United States use the recordings of public domain folk songs to help teach children to read fluently.

After a concert in the Netherlands at the Drents Museum in Assan, I've focused my efforts to document the folk songs and their history of the United States in the 19th and early 20th century, warts and all.