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Hi! I'm Steph. I'm an indie maker and a "forever learner". Approximately six months ago, I decided to share my learnings in the form of a blog which focuses on personal development, remote work, and learning to code. 

In my writing, I try to be honest and realistic, providing an outlet for my thoughts to hopefully help others along similar journeys or those trying to solve similar problems. 

I try to stay away from monetizing unnecessarily through annoying ads or selling things to people. So, if you like my work, you can support by buying me a coffee (which I will use to buy a chai). Thank you! ?

William J Blaney
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Neil Bellefeuille
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1 chai to the 5th power. Great article on making and working. I've been doing some research, thinking, and work on productivity related to the Pareto principle and shifting our perspective on time toward priorities and productivity grounded in purpose and values rather than managing the boxes. Lots of great thoughts in here that really resonate.

Hey Neil! Thank you *so* much! Appreciate you contributing and wishing you the best on optimizing your time.

Tommy TiVo
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Hi Steph!  1 Chai for you, and 1 Cafe Sua Da for me.  Cheers!!!

Thanks so much, Tommy!

Paul Andrew Hansen
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I enjoyed your article on "how to be great" cheers xo

Thanks so much, Hisyam!