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Hi! I'm Steph. I'm an indie maker and a "forever learner". Approximately six months ago, I decided to share my learnings in the form of a blog which focuses on personal development, remote work, and learning to code. 

In my writing, I try to be honest and realistic, providing an outlet for my thoughts to hopefully help others along similar journeys or those trying to solve similar problems. 

I try to stay away from monetizing unnecessarily through annoying ads or selling things to people. So, if you like my work, you can support by buying me a coffee (which I will use to buy a chai). Thank you! ?

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Thanks for the great read and response to my questions :)

Thank *you*!

Kim Garner
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As someone who studies and teaches this work I loved your piece on consistently good leads to great. Takes awareness to be in touch with our inner North Star and courage to stretch past our comfort zone when it gets hard. being + doing = success and happiness. 

Thanks so much, Kim! 

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Thank you!!!

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Love the concept of Eunoia. Makes a good single place to find all of those!!

Thanks so much! 🙏