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Hi! I'm Steph. I'm an indie maker and a "forever learner". Approximately six months ago, I decided to share my learnings in the form of a blog which focuses on personal development, remote work, and learning to code. 

In my writing, I try to be honest and realistic, providing an outlet for my thoughts to hopefully help others along similar journeys or those trying to solve similar problems. 

I try to stay away from monetizing unnecessarily through annoying ads or selling things to people. So, if you like my work, you can support by buying me a coffee (which I will use to buy a chai). Thank you! ?

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The "How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably" article put perfectly into words some thoughts that had been swirling in my mind but I couldn't articulate. It's helped me (and my team) move forward in a stressful time. Thank you and keep supplying these great pieces!

Thanks so much! Keep pushing!  💪

Shreela Sen bought 3 chais.

Thanks for this article Steph! I am going through a particular low in my life, & breaking into tears thrice daily. I have a semi-Govt job which I have to keep, due to family obligations, (& it's a decent, honest, bills-paying job) & though all sorts of people advised me to volunteer (already doing)/ add degrees (online/ distant degrees won't count when I alter want to do an M.Phil Clinical Psychology), / moonlight, nobody could really provide any real pointers. This is SO GREAT! (You don't have to quit your job) I make a good home-style, north-India style chai, btw.

Hi Shreela! Thanks so much for reading and sharing your situation. It's not easy, but keep pushing!

Cindy O'C bought a chai.

Your 7 myths article inspired me! Changing gears from hospital RN, wanted to make myself more marketable. Can't wait to get started! Love the but me a chai for support too :) 

Thank you so much, Cindy! Wishing you the best as you shift gears! You can do it!

Laurence Curran bought a chai.

Great blog. Inspiring 

Thanks so much, Laurence!