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Hi! I'm Steph. I'm an indie maker and a "forever learner". Approximately six months ago, I decided to share my learnings in the form of a blog which focuses on personal development, remote work, and learning to code. 

In my writing, I try to be honest and realistic, providing an outlet for my thoughts to hopefully help others along similar journeys or those trying to solve similar problems. 

I try to stay away from monetizing unnecessarily through annoying ads or selling things to people. So, if you like my work, you can support by buying me a coffee (which I will use to buy a chai). Thank you! ?

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I enjoyed your article on "how to be great" cheers xo

Thanks so much, Hisyam!

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Sending some masala chai for you. 😀 

Thanks so much, Rahul! Making some chai to celebrate.😊 

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Thanks for the useful read Steph

Thank you so much! 

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Thanks for the great read and response to my questions :)

Thank *you*!