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Such great information and well written too! 


Shridhar Reddy
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Steven, Love your knowledge and enthusiasm for the product. I learned a lot from you and saved time in the process.  I am new to jetskis and am considering an Ultra LX as my first ski - mostly for its value. Its $3k less than an FX Ho that i'd prefer.  I do worry about the lack of tech or innovation on the LX and my thinking is maybe better to buy a used LX to get a hang of it and figure out if i really need all the fancy tech that the GTX and FX have.  The FX is simply too expensive and i do like the GTX 170 a lot - looks, value, and tech and the rough water capability. I do worry about reliability of Seadoo in general compared to yamaha or Kawi. It seems like they innovate  a lot, but in the process products might not be simple...  Wondering what your thoughts are on seadoo reliability vs kawi and if a used Ultra LX n/a is the right choice to test the waters out. I am kinda banking on there being a bunch of used jetskis on the market this winter. I'm in california.  Sorry for the long ramble! Shridhar in SF

Thanks for the tip! From what you're saying it does seem the LX would be better for you to get started and feel out the sport. The LX is simple and a good ride so you can't go wrong with it. Just make sure to water test it or let a tech shop look at it before buying. As for the reliability of Sea-Doo, it's fine. Sea-Doo has such a large market share that you tend to get more people complaining.  The more people you have the more people who have issues, its the curse of being popular. The most common problem I see from people no matter the brand is sucking stuff up. So avoid starting the craft in less than waist-deep water and avoid sticks and other debris in the water and you'll be fine. 

Al A.
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Steve, I have used your knowledge many times over the last five years.  Your information was a big factor for my wife and I purchasing two 2017 Spark Trixx.  We have not regretted it one bit. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and time with us. Al

Thanks! Glad you guys love your Sparks!