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My goal is to create a podcast that shares information, stories, and activities to help us through our everyday lives. I especially focus on what might help my listeners and me have a positive outlook on our world. No negative vibes allowed. 

The podcast is in its 8th year and has come along way.

Most of my time is spent interviewing experts and authors about their works and ideas. Hopefully, you'll find someone that you will want to reach out to and learn more.

This is my 33rd year in public education. I have been a high school history teacher, an assistant principal, a high school principal and a regional educational service agency director.

My focus is about learning how to help kids achieve their dreams.

What helps doing that is constantly learning and being willing to grow. I am hoping to provide you assistance in helping your continued professional growth.

I hope that you find the show of interest and that you will help me support its continued growth. So it would be awesome if you would think about buying me that soft drink to help keep the show growing.

Thank you so much for listening and taking time to support the show.

Wishing you the best in all that you do.


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