Wanna Be Starting Something - Michael Jackson

What a groove! I've been studying the amazing playing of Jonathan 'Sugarfoot' Moffet famed for being the driving rhythmic force behind most of Michael Jackson's music. The transcription below is not necessarily the exact groove he plays but it has the same effect and sticks to a standard 1/16th note hand pattern that we're probably all pretty familiar with.

Try to just deal with this one beat at a time. Get 1 e + a sorted first with the kick landing on e and + then move onto the next group of four notes and so on.

The original track is around 122bpm. So use my Groovescribe link below of the pattern to slow it right down and play along. Only increase tempo when you have achieved fluency. Notice the sticking is for right handers. Play the other way round if you're a lefty.

Groovescribe link to the above pattern so you can play along to it: https://gscribe.com/share/WLWyRfNnJikv8ykM9