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This is my virtual tip cup! Disabled craftivist based in Manchester, UK. I am developing my practice in paper-crafts; namely "noteletters", bookmaking & printmaking.

Having chosen to devote my career to the third sector, I have to work extremely hard in order to stay afloat which can be very challenging once health conditions and immobility are taken into account. Art is something I make out of necessity, to help deal with extreme physical and mental pain.

I have worked with refugee communities, in mental health hospitals, youth centres & with vulnerable adults running workshops in a variety of mediums. I would really like to be able to devote more time to developing my own practice, so that I can get into a routine and eventually make some money. The "noteletters" I made a while ago sold out very quickly, and I would like to work on making them more sophisticated. 

Thank you for reading my page, and thank you if you decide to buy me a coffee. Every caffeine helps!