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This is my virtual tip cup! Disabled craftivist based in Manchester, UK. I am working hard to promote intersectionality & inclusivity within the arts sector, through my website, the accessibility & affordability focused arts 'lack-of-movement' that I manage (Still ill OK) and the UK Disability Alliance, #WeShallNotBeRemoved.

I'm a freelance artist, producer, academic, writer, facilitator and consultant. I am also very tired and very ill.

Until my work with #WeShallNotBeRemoved, I had very little financial backing for the accessible community work I was doing. I had to work extremely hard in order to stay afloat, which was and still is very challenging once health conditions and immobility are taken into account. Art is something I make out of necessity, to help deal with extreme physical and mental pain. It is therefore usually made away from the screen, and as such, there is a great deal of work that hasn't made it's way online yet. I'd like to be able to spend some time scanning & improving existing work.

I have worked with refugee communities, in mental health hospitals, prisons, youth centres & with vulnerable adults running workshops in a variety of mediums. I would really like to be able to devote more time to developing my own practice, so that I can get into a routine and eventually publish & exhibit more of my own work.

Since my health worsened and creativity heightened, I have been in love with drawing ink which is my main medium, interrupted only occasionally by brush pens and watercolours. 

Thank you for reading my page, and thank you if you decide to buy me a coffee. Every caffeine helps!